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Best Productivity Software for Business (2023)

In this guide, I have chosen 4 of the productivity tools I have used over the last few years within my agency and wanted to share them with you to allow you to utilize their benefits to skyrocket your efficiency.

Best for task tracking


Asana helps you manage projects, focus on what’s important, and organize work in one place for seamless collaboration.

Best for project managment


ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Best for automation


Design, build, and automate anything — from tasks and workflows to apps and systems — without the need for coding skills.

Best for website calculations


Form builder for your WordPress website that lets your users calculate price quotes, savings, return on investments and a lot more!

Why should I consider using this software?

There are many advantages to using productivity-enhancing software. Use of productivity software is crucial for a number of reasons, some of which are as follows:


1. Managing Time

Through the provision of tools for job and project management, scheduling, and goal setting, productivity software can aid in your improvement in time management. You may be able to accomplish more in less time if you can stay organized and focused.

2. Enhanced Effectiveness

By automating chores and giving you access to tools that improve workflow, productivity software can also assist you in working more effectively. For instance, using a program to manage your to-do list, plan meetings, or track your time can all help you save time and effort.

3. Improved interaction and cooperation

Numerous productivity apps also have functions that make it easier to communicate and work with others. A tool could be used, for instance, to collaborate on projects in real-time, interact in real-time, or share documents.

4. An increase in output

In the end, adopting productivity software can make you more productive since it equips you with the resources and skills need to effectively manage your time, complete tasks, and collaborate. You may accomplish more tasks in less time by using these tools, which can aid in your success and help you reach your goals.

What are the best productivity software for business in 2023?

1. Asana

JD’s Take

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you need to keep track of and you are looking for software to keep track of all your tasks, all in one place, this is the answer. You can keep track of comments, notes, and clients while Asana has great integration capabilities too.

Best For Overall

Pricing Basic US$ 0 – Business US$ 23.99 if billed annually (Monthly payments are also available.)

Asana is a thorough task management and project management application that promotes teamwork and increases productivity. You may create tasks with Asana, assign them to team members, set due dates, and monitor progress. Additionally, it has capabilities like calendar view, project template support, and tool connections. Asana differs from other task management software in part because to its simple and user-friendly interface. Teams of different sizes and abilities can utilize it because it is simple to learn and use. Additionally, a variety of features and customization options are available, enabling you to modify the tool to suit your unique requirements and work style. The adaptability of Asana is one of its benefits. It may be used for everything, from arranging big, complicated projects to handling tiny, simple tasks. You may further improve your workflow with the aid of the numerous connectors it offers with other apps like Google Drive and Slack. In conclusion, Asana is a strong and dependable task management application that is highly recommended for teams aiming to increase productivity and cooperation. It has a lot of features, is simple to use, and is quite affordable.

2. ClickUp

JD’s Take

ClickUp is a good choice for businesses, teams, and individuals who need a tool to help them manage projects, tasks, and team communication effectively.

Best For Teams

Pricing US$ 0 – US$ 29/mo

Annual Discount Up to 45% off

Businesses, teams, and individuals can use the project management and collaboration platform ClickUp to organize their work and collaborate on projects. It is a flexible instrument that can be applied in a range of circumstances, such as:

1. Project management: ClickUp can be used to arrange and keep tabs on the development of projects, delegate work to team members, and keep track of team members’ performance.

2. Team communication: Effective tool for team collaboration and communication, ClickUp contains capabilities including chat, video conferencing, and document sharing.

3. Task management: ClickUp allows users to create and track tasks, set deadlines, and assign tasks to team members. It also includes features such as subtasks, dependencies, and recurring tasks to help users manage their work more effectively.

4. Personal productivity: ClickUp can also be used by individuals to manage their personal tasks and projects. It includes features such as calendar integration, goal tracking, and customizable dashboards to help users stay organized and on track.

3. Make

JD’s Take Make has been groundbreaking for me since I found out about it. There are similar software companies out there, but Make has been great in the sense of pricing for my agency and clients thus far. Competitors might have more integrations, but they don’t offer as much within their free package like make does, in my opinion and at the time of me writing this. Great for automating processes! Best For Overall Pricing US$ 0 – US$ 34.12/mo Annual Discount Yes

Make is a programming language and tool that is used to automate tasks, build programs, and create software.

The team at make and some competitors also try and make the process as easy as possible to build out automation with their easy user interface. In my opinion, the biggest competitor I could identify (Not excluding the possibility of others existing) is Zapier.

Some possible benefits of using Make instead of some competitors could include:

1. Customizability: Unlike some of its rivals, which may have pre-defined connections between various apps, Make enables you to create bespoke programs and automate operations in a more flexible and powerful manner.

2. Control: Because you can write custom code and specify the logic of your programs, Make gives you greater control over the processes you automate and the programs you create.

3. Speed: Because Make can conduct activities directly in your own environment and is not dependent on pre-established connections between various apps, it may be faster than certain competitors.

4. Price: Given that Make is a free, open-source program and does not require a subscription fee for the majority of the capabilities you could need, it may be less expensive than some rivals.

4. ConvertCalculator

JD’s Take

I have been privileged enough to have seen some of ConvertCalculator’s growth over the past few years and believe me they deserve the growth. ConvertCalculator is a GREAT form building software that integrates effectively with most software that allows you to keep track of submissions, one I use often is Google Sheets, but the CC software is easy to use and has great versatility in terms of logic and calculations. You can build out your own formulas and one thing I will always commend CC on is its Support. They have always been fast in replying and very helpful. We often use ConvertCalculator in conjunction with make (See #3 above) in our automation projects. CC is very easy to embed on websites. The only thing that has been a limitation for me using CC is their design (Look and feel) limitations.

Yes, CC does not have a free plan, but if you deploy it efficiently on your website or in conjunction with Make, you might have a great opportunity at hand.

Their website has great use cases too!

Best For Overall

Pricing US$ 20 – US$ 120/mo

Annual Discount Yes, 2 month’s free when you pay annually

Create an embeddable calculation form without code. A DIY drag-and-drop calculator form builder that includes all the question types you need. See this example below:

Disclosure Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links on this website at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy. This site is not intending to provide financial advice. This is for entertainment only.
JD Koch
JD Koch

JD Koch is a full-time Agency Owner of DigiPlug in South Africa, a Internationally Certified Conversion Optimizer, LinkedIn Marketing Insider and Marketing Expert with customers across the country as well as in New Zealand. Join JD on in learning about software that could be useful to you as a Digital Marketer, Business Owner, Teams Leader, Manager, Freelancer, Agency Owner or just want to be more productive with your marketing.


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