In this guide, I have provided insight into 4 of the social media scheduling tools, most of which I have used over the last few years within my agency and wanted to share them with you to allow you to utilize their benefits to see which of them will work for you.

Most for what you pay


An affordable option that allows you features like content calendar management, team collaboration, and analytics. Supports most social platforms. Provides a 14-day trial.

Good all-rounder


Similar to SocialPilot but also includes features such as social media listening and customer relationship management. Supports most social platforms.

Best for Agencies


Similar to the previous two. Definitely not the cheapest. But onboarding is next-level and best for teams, in my opinion. Supports most social platforms. Provides 30-day trial.

Best for teams


A cloud-based social media collaboration and approval solution that caters to media agencies, freelancers and marketing teams. Supports most platforms.

So, what makes them different?

Overall, all four of these apps provide comparable functionality for managing and scheduling social network posts, although their specific features and platform support may vary. When selecting a social media scheduling tool, it’s crucial to think about the features that are most important to you and the platforms that you must cover.

What are the best Social Media Scheduling Software in 2023?

1. SocialPilot

JD’s Take

Between the four choices mentioned above, I started a SocialPilot subscription based on them offering more accounts to connect (The amount of different social media accounts) for the price that you pay. It has most of the features we need in our agency, which is primarily reporting.

Best For Overall

Pricing Basic US$ 25.50 – Business US$ 170 if billed monthly

Annual Discount 15% off

Here are a few reasons why you might consider using SocialPilot for your social media scheduling needs in 2023:

Wide platform support: SocialPilot supports a wide variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, so you can schedule content for all of your social media accounts in one place.

Team collaboration: SocialPilot includes features that allow you to collaborate with your team on social media content, making it easier to coordinate your efforts.

Analytics and performance tracking: SocialPilot provides analytics and performance tracking features to help you measure the success of your social media campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

Content calendar management: The content calendar feature in SocialPilot allows you to see all of your planned social media content in one place, making it easier to plan and schedule posts.

Overall, if you’re looking for a tool that offers a range of features for social media scheduling and management, and supports a wide variety of platforms, SocialPilot might be a good fit for you in 2023.

2. eClincher

JD’s Take

eClincher is really great software. Some of the features I picked up that were slightly better in my perspective slightly using eClincher is the post preview and reporting. eClincher has great functions, but you might find yourself comparing prices when you need to connect more accounts.

Best For Overall

Pricing US$ 65 – US$ 425/mo

Annual Discount 10% off

Some key features that will allow eClincher to be your best fit are the following:

Advanced analytics and performance tracking: eClincher provides advanced analytics and performance tracking features to help you measure the success of your social media campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

Social media listening: eClincher includes social media listening features that allow you to track mentions of your brand and keywords across multiple platforms, helping you stay on top of conversations about your business.

Customer relationship management: eClincher includes customer relationship management features that allow you to manage and respond to customer inquiries and complaints through social media.

3. SproutSocial

JD’s Take

Something that stood out to me from the get-go while even just reaching out to SproutSocial was the fast turnaround time in scheduling a detailed demo with our entire team and the onboarding process that followed. SproutSocial will most probably fit the budget of a somewhat established agency in comparison to a Freelancer. But, the interface, experience and functionality are very good. The only downside that I remember about our SproutSocial subscription is that they have a lot of add-ons, but most of them come at a cost where we felt some of the critical add-ons would probably be cheaper or even free with some competitors.

A feature about SproutSocial that stood out to me too was the accuracy of its best time to schedule a post. Some of the other platforms would only tell you within their reporting when is the best time to schedule a post, but SproutSocial does it within your scheduler to the minute.

Best For Agencies

Pricing US$ 249 – US$ 499/mo

A social media scheduling and management application called Sprout Social offers a number of capabilities that several of its rivals also provide, including analytics, team collaboration, and content calendar management. Here are some significant ways that SproutSocial is different:

Social media listening: Sprout Social has social media listening tools that let you monitor mentions of your brand and keywords on various platforms, assisting you in keeping track of discussions involving your company.

Customer relationship management: Consumer relationship management capabilities are provided by Sprout Social, enabling you to handle and address customer questions and grievances on social media.

Comprehensive analytics and reporting: Sprout Social offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, such as customisable dashboards and sophisticated filtering options, to help you assess the success of your social media initiatives and pinpoint areas in need of development.

Advanced scheduling options: Sprout Social offers advanced scheduling options, including the ability to plan content publication schedules based on audience interaction statistics.

In conclusion, SproutSocial might be a good option for you if you’re searching for a solution that offers a variety of advanced capabilities for social media scheduling and administration, including social media listening, customer relationship management, and advanced analytics and reporting.

4. Planable

JD’s Take

Planable makes it easy to collaborate with members of your team with great workflows and review processes. If you’re looking for a tool to help you effectively collaborate with your team on social media content and streamline the content planning and approval process, Planable might be a good fit for you.

Best For Teams

Pricing US$ 0 – US$ 26/mo per user

Annual Discount Yes, 2 month’s free when you pay annually

Planable is a scheduling and collaboration tool for social media that has a number of features made especially to support team collaboration and social media content planning. Planable varies from other social media scheduling software in the following significant ways:

Collaborative planning: Planable was created especially to facilitate team collaboration and social media content planning. To make it simpler for teams to collaborate on social media material, it has features like a content calendar and team communication tools.

Review and approval workflows: With the help of capabilities in Planable, you can create review and approval workflows to make sure all of your social media posts are of a high caliber and adhere to your brand’s standards.

Platform support: Several well-known social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are supported by Planable.

Overall, Planable might be a good choice for you if you’re looking for a platform that is specifically made to support teams in collaborating and planning social media content and includes review and approval protocols.


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